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PEG Products

PEG is a versatile polymer that is used for numerous applications. PEG polymer is non-toxic, biocompatible and highly soluble in aqueous / organic solutions. PEGylation is an established tool to increase potency, half-life and solubility of biopharmaceuticals. Furthermore, PEG coated surfaces have a minimal propensity to bind proteins and other biomolecules.

AURUM Pharmatech supplies a unique collection of biopolymers, including polyethylene glycol, PEG derivatives, PEGylation reagents, polysaccharides, PEGylated polymers, and fluorescent and biotinylated polymers.

PEG Product information

Offered Categories

  • Functional mPEG
  • Homobifunctional PEG
  • Heterofunctional PEG
  • 2-arm PEG
  • Novel 2-arm PEG
  • 4-arm Graft PEG
  • Novel Y-shape PEG
  • Graft PEG
  • Cyclic PEG
  • Branched PEG
  • Poly(ethylene glycol) Gel
  • liposome-PEG

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