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Chiral Synthesis

Chiral building blocks have long been acknowledged as less accessible than non-chiral – consequently the broad regular notion that non-chiral building Blocks are easily accessible than chiral. AURUM Pharmatech would like to ease the drug discovery process by providing optically active building blocks in early stages. AURUM Pharmatech manufactures a range of chiral building blocks including amines, amino alcohols and diols, which are used as resolving agents or intermediates in pharmaceutical synthesis. Manufacturing technology includes sophisticated methods of resolution, chemical and enzymatic, asymmetric synthesis (using chiral catalysts and auxiliaries) and a combination of these approaches. Additionally, we have an extensive list of Chiral Products in Development, which can normally be offered from gram scale to multi-kilo scale. With an active development, we add new chiral synthons at regular intervals, for applications in asymmetric synthesis and as "building blocks" or intermediates in pharmaceutical chemistry.

All the synthesized chiral building blocks are analyzed for optical purity using modern chromatographic, NMR and polarimetric techniques. NMR analysis of chiral amines and alcohols is done using Mosher’s reagent, the carboxylic acids are analyzed by NMR in the presence of chiral additives, and finally, many functionalized compounds are analyzed with the help of NMR shift reagents.

We also provide chiral building blocks corresponding to your needs. Please contact us via custom synthesis request and we will provide you detailed offer and delivery time. Below are some examples from our catalog.

  • Natural amino acid derivatives
  • Alcohols
  • Aminoalcohols, including N- or/and O-protected
  • Hydroxyphosphonates and Hydroxyaminophosphonates
  • Unnatural amino acids
  • Amines
  • Diamines