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Building Blocks

AURUM Pharmatech offers novel collection of scaffolds and uniquely designed building blocks that can diversify your drug discovery process. Our current Catalog includes Halides - Alcohols - Aldehydes - Amines (aliphatic, aromatic, primary, secondary) - Amino acids - Carboxylic acids (aliphatic and aromatic) - Hydrazines and hydrazides - Ketones - Nitriles - Nitro compounds - Phenols - Sulfonic acids - Sulfonyl halides - Thioles - Other Reactive Intermediates. Most of these Chemical Building Blocks are ready for prompt delivery with purity higher than 95%.

Our building blocks are based cheminformatics and Client based requests.

You can search our database through via our web search engine as well as known databases ( Sci-Finder- ACD database – Sigma Aldrich Market Select – PubChem – AURUMPharmatech).

  • On-line

    Search by structure drawing or Text input.

  • Download

    Our Building Blocks in SDF format, as well as the price-list, are available on your request.

  • Purity & Quality

    Minimal purity of compounds in the Building Blocks database is 95%. Average purity ~ 96%. All of our chemical building blocks undergo extensive quality control by NMR and LC-MS, and purity is guaranteed to be over 95% by both methods. Upon request, we will provide corresponding analytical details.

  • Custom Synthesis & Special Requests

    Our highly skilled chemists can carry out the synthesis of various complex intermediates, scaffold, reference compounds and a wide range of building blocks. Our teams can synthesize any challenging target on a scale of 250 mg to 100 kg for a reasonable price with timely delivery.