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Offered Products

Novel collection of scaffolds and unique building blocks that can diversify your drug discovery process.

Unique collection of PEGylation reagents & polymers, polysaccharides, fluorescent and biotinylated polymers.

Offering novel life-science reagents, anticancer agents, kinase inhibitors and life science aimed R&D products.

Reagents for Synthesis

Collection of Reagents including Peptide Reagents such as HATU, COMU, PyOxim and Protecting/Labelling Reagents.

With Our Chiral products ease the drug discovery process by providing optically active building blocks in early stages.

We Offer high quality custom Peptide synthesis ranges from tens to hundreds of the amino acid chain.

Additional Services

We specialize in Chemical Sourcing and procurement which can optimize your purchasing process for chemicals.

Synthesis of complex intermediates, scaffold, reference compounds and a wide range of building blocks.

Providing cheminformatics services and custom application development (web/software) to meet your needs.